I just finished watching Black Swan, the acclaimed 2011 Oscar- nominated movie starring Natalie Portman and Barbara Hershey. I loved every single second of it, though I must say: I’m not sure which was most frightening: Portman’s character descent into madness, the self-induced damage done to her poor bloody stumps of toes from all the labor-intense hours spent practicing ballet, the skin peeling, hallucinations, or Barbara Hershey’s new face.

Seriously. Borderlining a Joan Rivers-esque tightness, Barbra’s face was so tightly lifted, it became an unintended focus from which I could not look away.  Why anyone would do something to such an extent is beyond my comprehension. I’m certainly no expert so I can’t say for sure if she’s had this procedure done, and to my knowledge, she’s never confirmed that she has. However, it’s painfully obvious that something went awry. Where is my Barbara from Beaches? Yes, I’m aware of how old that movie is, and that both time and gravity will both take their toll, but Barbara, this isn’t good. You stole the focus where you probably shouldn’t have. Which brings me to my next point…

I remember when I first started wearing makeup, my mother told me that the trick of it was to make it seem like you’re not wearing any at all. Shouldn’t the same adage apply to plastic surgery? In the opinion of many an expert and patient, the answer is yes. You WANT to look great without looking like you’ve dropped a lot of money to get there. Otherwise, it seems to me like the point becomes moot. A facelift can look fantastic. It can take years off like nothing else can. But is it worth it when it looks so painfully obvious? What happens when you keep on and keep on having work done. At what point is the jig up?

My advice? For what it’s worth- seek out a doctor specialized in the procedure of which you seek. That way you’re rolling into that operation with the peace of mind knowing that you’re in good, experienced, sought-out hands.

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